Some new papercuts

IMG_0664 IMG_0689

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Some snaps of our recent snow … I do love winter !

IMG_0262 IMG_0555 IMG_0235 IMG_0182 IMG_0191 IMG_0140 IMG_0180IMG_0131

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Even more newer work

IMG_1290 IMG_1771 IMG_0560 IMG_1698-001 IMG_0457 IMG_0456

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some newer work

IMG_1462 IMG_1457 IMG_1303-001 IMG_1302 IMG_1472 IMG_1294

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New listings on my blog ! :)

I just thought I’d share a couple of links to work I have available to buy :) Click the images to go to the listings :)







Thanks for looking … more listings tomorrow :)

Nighty Night x

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Some new listings today, and, of course … LAMBS !!!!

Well after a faltering and CHILLY start to today, the sun has finally shown it’s face … hurrah !!!

I’ve spent a lovely day mostly chilling out today (my bad), but then it’s Saturday, and the Easter Hollibobs, so it’s allowed.

We nipped into town in the sunshine … there was lots going on today, and town was positively jumping. Everything was on offer from hand made and painted chocolate Easter eggs, hand made glass and artisan food. There was a bit of a vintage car / bus / bike thing going on too, which was nice :)


Oh but the absolute best bit about today was watching a newborn lamb struggle onto his incredibly long and wobbly legs for the first time in his life … what a sight ! Proud Mum, with her two new babies … one white, and one a marbled grey … aren’t they just adorable !!!


Aww … how adorable :)

Anyway … back to work … I’m just about to start listing a few new beads for sale :)
Here’s a selection of what’s going up for sale.

Check out my ‘buy direct’ tab on the right hand menu to see what I have for sale.

I think the shopping cart works OK now …..

I think …..




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How exciting !!! I’m going to be teaching a class in September !

It’s just been announced on that I’ll be teaching a 2 day class on the 6th/7th September !

I’ll be teaching bead making at an intermediate level, and we’ll all be making bright, happy beads with personality, style and smiles :D

les collage



Here’s a link to the site with all the details

One place sold almost as soon as it was announced … wow … that’s just brilliant, thank you !

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Some new beads for the spring

Well … spring appears to be springing at last ! What an awfully soggy and grey winter it’s been. I’m still feeling cheated at the paltry amount of snow we had this year too … grrrr

Anyway … the budding flowers and sunshine has inspired me to work on some new designs. I really am very, very pleased with these new beads, and it’s not often I’ll admit to that !

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what’s to come over the spring :)



10013734_10152424248738973_769094403_n IMGP2137 IMGP2164 IMGP2204 IMGP2209 IMGP2214

I am REALLY enjoying getting back into using fine silver and enamels in my work at the moment. I love the unpredictability of it all, as two beads made the same way will never be exactly the same.

Oh and I’d just like to finish up this post with some rather exciting news too …. I have just confirmed it with Tuffnell Glass …. I shall be teaching a class at their studio, near Rudston, N. Yorkshire in September !!!!!

If you’d like to know more, then drop me an email at my shiny new business address :

Oh … Oh !! …. I sold a painting at an exhibition last week too … how cool is that !!!
I am very, very pleased … surprised, but pleased ! :)

Enough waffle from me for now … oh and I hope you like the look of my site now that I’ve finally managed to upload a half decent banner image … looks nice and posh, I reckon :)

Time for a cuppa …… good evening all xxx

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Well it’s heading towards my bedtime, it’s Sunday and I’m curled up on the sofa with my new (ish) lap top, so I figured it’s the perfect time for a blog update.

It’s been a funny kind of week. As usual, it began with plans and designs in my head, but (as usual), it didn’t quite pan out that way. I set out by stretching 3 boards of watercolour paper, fully intent on a good painting week …. brain said otherwise ! I have ruined some posh paper and have no paintings to show for my efforts. I decided on a change of tack.

Colour just wasn’t happening, so I decided to challenge myself to something I never normally do … black ink sketch … no colour … continuous line drawing, meaning the whole picture is made up of one single continuous line. It may twist and turn … double back on itself a lot, but it’s still just one continuous line. Anyway … the upside of this meant that I started having fun with drawing again … here are a few examples of what I was doing …


1891272_10152351046403973_580450603_n (1)



Apologies for the grey photo’s … they’re just mobile phone snaps. I found that doing this really challenged me to think about how a scene is ‘constructed’ by natural forces … some lines flow … some lines don’t, in stark contrast.

It’s definitely given me a new way of looking at a subject, and something new to pursue too :)


To save you from yet more ramble, here are a few photo’s of this weeks beady offerings …






For sale here … (clicky)



For sale here : (clicky)






FINALLY … To the enjoyable stuff ! We called in to see the opening of our friend’s exhibition at Buxton Museum … Oh what a treat for the soul ! Ingrid Karlsson Kemp creates the most beautiful and peaceful mixed media landscapes, incorporating beautiful lines of poetry or song lyrics. It’s obvious just how hard she must have worked to pull it all together, and it really does shine through. It’s a beautifully thought out collection of art. It has a real flow about it as you walk around the room .. just wonderful to see and enjoy :)


Here is one of my favourite works by Ingrid …



To see more of Ingrids beautiful work and find out when she might be running her mixed media workshops, you can find her website here … (CLICK) … or you can find her Face Book page here … (CLICK)

Well I hope you’ll take a look at Ingrid’s work … and I hope that you find as much pleasure from it as I do … thanks for bearing with my waffly post this evening … I thank you ! :)

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Hurrah !




I just sold this fella … yay !!!

*happy dance*

Thank you :) x







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