Creative drought today …

Well today seems to have been one of ‘those’ days … we all get them (I hope it’s not just me!)

I had such a poor night’s sleep last night, I woke up feeling like a zombie … it goes without saying that I didn’t manage to produce my usual standard of off beat and quirky … so I made bread and butter beads (nuggets) instead.

A friend just shared this link with me though, and it does have some really cool tips on restarting your mojo, so I thought I’d share it with you :)

Don’t let the use of the word ‘hack’ in the link put you off … it’s a great read :)

I did have a lovely weekend though … even the sun came out to play for a change !

We went to Warslow Beer Festival on Saturday evening … We only had the one beer each though, as Rob had to drive us back home. I didn’t fancy a drunkard 4 mile stagger through  unlit country lanes, hehe … I was great though … I had a pint of my favourite local Brew ~ Flower Power … it’s a pretty strong ale, but VERY tasty. It’s made by Whim Breweries .. Rob is mates with the owner, Jo ( ) … and I did (unfortunately) give in to temptation and have a wonderful slice of lemon drizzle cake to accompany it :)
I met some of Rob’s old friends (who are just wonderful folk!) and also bumped into a very old friend of almost my entire life, which was just brilliant … I loved catching up with Mandy :)

The diet took yet another wee tumble yesterday too (oops)

We went along to Ilam Hall ( ) for their annual Archaeology day … the sun shone and Poppy had a wonderful day !

She got to play at being an archaeologist in the big sand pit … she tried some medieval circus activities, had a go at cave painting, built some wattle and daub wall, put some broken ancient pots back together and ate a HUGE chunk of chocolate cake for her dinner :)

Rob n me tried some Roman food for dinner … it was SO tasty !!!! Spelt bread … sweet, spiced spelt cake …. some garlic stuff … spicy peas and black olive stuff ..

Roman dinner ~1     Slimming World ~ Nil …. oh well :P

So all in all, I had a lovely weekend (yet again) in the beautiful Peak District … we even went back for another gawp at our (in our dreams, more like) country house, heh …. ahh well … I city girl’s gotto dream, eh ? :)

Here are a couple of snaps I took at the Archaeology Day just to finish up with … hope you haven’t fallen asleep already ? heh

Night night … have a great week, whatever you plan to do :)


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