I feel rather privileged today !

A short while ago, the lovely Helen White of UK Handmade┬ácontacted me to ask if I’d like to be featured in their online magazine’s ‘MEET’ section … I was utterly thrilled, and of course I said YES !!!!

I have never been featured before … I have also never quite felt comfortable enough with my work to be able to talk about it in ‘public’ like that, but times have changed …. I have been lampworking for a pretty long time now, so I figured that it was about flippin time I came out from under my cosy little rock … and today I did … the article has gone live, and I wanted to share it with you guys on here for posterity !

Here’s a link to the interview if you fancy a read ? Any comments you have are most welcome … just click the little speech bubble thingy at the top of this post to leave a comment :)

Linky …. My Interview

I have had a very slow start to my day today, for a multitude of reasons … I am off to make beads after this lunch time coffee .. at least I can torch until as late as I like to make up for it … hope you all have a lovely day today.

What ever you get up to, have fun :)

Oh and here’s some badgers !

Les xx

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