Well where did the summer go ?

Well the last few months have raced by so fast !

We are firmly into autumn now, and winter is just around the corner. We had our first snowfall the other night too ! It’s a pity it didn’t last through the night though, as it was all gone by morning. I think the kids thought they were in for a snow day, heh, but were sadly disappointed .. oh well …. Living as hight up as we do, I’m sure they’ll get the odd day off because of the snow at some point this winter.

Although it’s cold and breezy at this time of the year though, I think it’s probably the best time of the year for taking photographs of our stunning landscape … here’s a few photo’s taken on the sunnier days during late autumn … the low sunlight really brings the land to life !

Three Shires Head



View of the Roaches from Tittesworth Reservoir



The view at sunset from my front door



I do love this time of year … the kids are starting to look forward to Christmas (note I say it’s just the kids, lol) … Rob and I are looking forward to Yule. We are hoping to spend the Winter Solstice at Arbor Low this year. We only live a few miles away from there now, so feel it would be rude not to ! :) Arbor Low is a beautiful henge, second only to Stone Henge in historical significance too … how lucky are we !! The stones are all laid flat nowadays for some reason ( still being debated today), but it’s just as serent and beautiful as it would once have been. Here’s a few pictures of it below.

From the air …



How archaeologists think it once looked





As it looks today




It’s a beautiful, peaceful place … I do hope we have decent weather for the solstice sunrise this year … fingers crossed !

Anyway … I have other news to blog about, but as it’s a different subject, I thought I’d keep the posts separate. I’ll just round up with a few more photo’s taken recently around here.

Oh and there’s also a very blurry hare photo, but it was so wonderful to see one from my own living room window, I just had to snap and share. That was back in the summer though.

Blurry lucky hare photo


The beautiful view from the lane that runs along the back of our house


Looking over towards the Roaches, from the back this time


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