One year ends … Lets welcome the new one !

Hello .. it’s me again :)

I hope everyone is well today ?

Today feels kind of strange, what with it being New Years Eve and all that … I had so many plans for today, but they ended up being shelved in favour of spending the day pottering about the house and just spending time with the kids. Nothing much has been achieved today work-wise, but hey …. the house is tidy (er) and the kitchen smells of clean laundry :)

I helped Poppy to make some plaster of paris up and poured it into 2 picture frame moulds, whilst we talked about what she wants to be when she grows up …. she’s decided she wants to be an actress or a singer, hehe … bless her :D

I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to feel a little melancholy at this time of year … it’s a time, for me, that always seems to remind me of those who are no longer with us. Each year that passes takes them that little bit further away.

I used to be a real party animal up until just a few years ago. I just can’t seem to rustle up the enthusiasm for parties on NYE anymore.
But that’s not really a bad thing … I know that I will gain much more from a quiet evening at home, reflecting on the year that is just passing. It also sets me up for the coming year. I find January 1st a great starting point for making changes in life .. it just feels kind of natural for me…

So …. I know that I shall wake up bright and early to see in 2011 and I have a plan for the day :) I am doing some paperwork to tie up 2010, then I am making beads ;D Stuff lying in bed with a monster hangover… I want to get proactive and make a start, hehe …. so hopefully, I’ll have some new bead photos to share with you real soon.

Anyway .. my end of year ramble is done with …. I just want to round off a quiet day by wishing you all a very happy New Year.
If you’re off out to some party somewhere … have the best time ever ! And if you are doing the quiet thing, then I hope you also have a lovely night … just minus the thudding music and crowds :P

Bye bye 2010 and welcome 2011 … A very Happy New Year to each and every one of you … may the coming year bring you all lots of love, luck and happiness :)


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