I can almost smell spring !

Oh what a beautiful day its been today ! It was a fab day yesterday too …. that’s TWO whole days with no stormy downpour ! What a welcome relief it is too. I think that the birds can feel a change in the air too. They seem to be singing with much more heart at the moment. I saw a collared dove flying up to the tree with twigs in his beak too.

One other sight I find so welcome, is that of a flock of lapwings in the air above their nesting ground, just across from our house … what a joyful sight they are too ! They are true acrobats, swooping and diving. They appear to flicker when in flight, making it a wonderful, energetic sight ! Here’s hoping they have a really successful breeding season this year :) Well the same goes for all of Mother Nature’s creatures ! :)

Snowdrops have flowered and daffodils are growing well. I really do think that spring is just a short hare-hop around the corner now :)

I have a few new photo’s for you this evening … so without any further preamble, here they are :)






‘Merry’ the hare can be found for sale here : My Etsy Shop

And these two are now professionally framed in French Oak … My how posh they look !




I’m not sure quite what to do with them yet … Hmmm …

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