Some new beads for the spring

Well … spring appears to be springing at last ! What an awfully soggy and grey winter it’s been. I’m still feeling cheated at the paltry amount of snow we had this year too … grrrr

Anyway … the budding flowers and sunshine has inspired me to work on some new designs. I really am very, very pleased with these new beads, and it’s not often I’ll admit to that !

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what’s to come over the spring :)



10013734_10152424248738973_769094403_n IMGP2137 IMGP2164 IMGP2204 IMGP2209 IMGP2214

I am REALLY enjoying getting back into using fine silver and enamels in my work at the moment. I love the unpredictability of it all, as two beads made the same way will never be exactly the same.

Oh and I’d just like to finish up this post with some rather exciting news too …. I have just confirmed it with Tuffnell Glass …. I shall be teaching a class at their studio, near Rudston, N. Yorkshire in September !!!!!

If you’d like to know more, then drop me an email at my shiny new business address :

Oh … Oh !! …. I sold a painting at an exhibition last week too … how cool is that !!!
I am very, very pleased … surprised, but pleased ! :)

Enough waffle from me for now … oh and I hope you like the look of my site now that I’ve finally managed to upload a half decent banner image … looks nice and posh, I reckon :)

Time for a cuppa …… good evening all xxx

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