Oh yessss !!! It’s friday !!!!

Well it’s been a fairly productive week for me … how about you ?

Today’s been busy too … I had to get my new sets all cleaned, etched, photographed, etc …. I got there eventually, but it always seems to eat into my day … Maybe I should start subbing the work out to someone else so that I can just get on and make beads ;D

I still can’t believe how well my portraits are selling at the moment .. I feel blessed ! Although I still have to finish them off !

I have one that’s all finished though .. here she is ..


I’ve spent more time at the computer than making beads today. I’d much rather be at the torch, truth be told, but at least I have got lots done…. there’s just one other thing I want to share with you this evening … I’ve started building my new site, to compliment my Etsy shop …. I hope Sooz doesn’t mind me sharing the link … I just want to show you all what I have been working on .. not plug my work.

Well here it is … I still have some work to do on it though .. like a proper banner !

Drum roll ………. ;D


There … my new dot com :)

I’m so glad it’s Saturday tomorrow … no silly 6am alarm clock … the chance to nip into town and post some orders off, then an afternoon back at the torch :)

I hoe you all have a lovely day tomorrow … speak soon xxx

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