Public Transport REAAAALLLYYYY stinks !

Today is a happy day  ….. I paid the mortgage with beads  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
OK … well not literally, but yep … for the first time ever, I made enough bead sales this month to cover my mortgage !!!!!
*happy dance*

I had a great day today … went into town to post stuff … enjoyed (well almost enjoyed) a SKINNY latte …. yep, I started a diet yesterday …
Well .. not so much a calorie counting effort, as a better eating plan … day 2 ( today) wasn’t too bad until Mum dropped the kids off this evening …. she bought some choc brownies with her … home baked and all …. so yeh …. my bad … I’ve eaten one  ::)

Only one though … and well, she does only bring then round once a week …. I did refuse cheesecake last night .. and the whipped cream and cake I usually have in Costa, so it’s not all bad :)

I have made some beads today …. but as a pat on the back, I let myself take it a bit easier this afternoon, so haven’t made as many as usual …. I did make some hearts though … although I had forgotten how badly I scorch opaque red … so that ones’ for the bin :P

Am off into town tomorrow to catch up with a lovely friend of mine … so tomorrow will be a short work day too … ahh well … I shall just have to make up for it later on :)

I’m off to make a cuppa and wait for the Etsy chat room to open up now … so enjoy your evening :) Catch you tomorrow xx

Oh and by the way …. the bus home smelled of wee today ….. just wanted to share ;)

Should you feel the need to discuss the total wrong-ness of a low fat latte, or the state of our public transport, then just post a comment below ;)

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