Walk 3 – Well more of a wander as it turns out

This weekend, I SO wanted to get up onto Axe Edge Moor and enjoy the isolation, but the wind was just so rough, we decided to give it a miss. At 1808 ft above sea level, we decided that it would just not be at all enjoyable.

We decided instead to go for a wander around part of the old estate at Ilam instead, which I am glad of really, as even down in the valley, the wind was incredibly strong.

 Ilam (eye-lamb) is a gorgeous little Peak District Villiage that sits  close to the Staffordshire / Derbyshire border.
Just around the corner is the amazing  Dovedale Gorge. 

Here’s the view you are treated to as you draw closer to Ilam and Dovedale … just look at that beautiful flat topped hill on the right, called Thorpe Cloud ! I’ll be walking up there sometime soon … I bet the views from the top are just amazing !


The houses here are just adorable ! They were apparently based on the Swiss Chalet style and built by the then Lord of the Manor .. here’s a pic ..


We parked up near here, then took a wander up to the hall … Now I’m not usually one for fancy houses and formal gardens, but it was very pretty up there.


We took a peek inside the church ( Church of the Holy Cross ), which has some Saxon stonework in the graveyard and a fantastic Saxon or Norman ( apparently the jury is out on that one ), font … here’s a picture, it’s a beaut !


This was a beautiful tomb in the church …


Anyway …. as always happens up here, it started to rain, so we sat in a lovely stone archway, drinking coffee for a bit until it cleared up again … it was a lovely spot … just us two around :)


Then we went for a lovely wander along the river for a while :)
Most of the way there was a proper path, but it got a bit slippy in places though, hehe.
Oooo … and we saw our first snowdrops of the spring by a cottage along the way !


We walked back into Ilam along the road … it was SO windy !!! The noise it made, rushing through the trees was truly thunderous !
It may have been a bit damp and rough, but we were rewarded with a beautiful cloud racing sky !



There was a wee uphill walk on the way back, which of course Rob made me walk up as fast as I could, LOL, but hey … we have to fit a hill in somewhere … even a little one !

We decided it was too rough to bother going on another walk elsewhere really, so we went for dinner at the caff down at Wetton Mill … oh I do love that place ! Their coffee and cake are just the BEST !

We rounded our day off with poking about for some properties that might be up for rent, then called it a day :)

Well … we didn’t get the walk that I wanted us to do, but I still had a lovely day :)

No beads to share from this walk I’m afraid … I am busy with tax returns and sorting out my new website, but the beads will be back ASAP .. have no fear of that !

Les xx

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