A bit of a catch up ….

Good morning ! Isn’t this summer weather just fantatsic ?! We waited long enough, and it finally arrived … YAY !

Over the past few weeks, my beading has been patchy to say the least. This was down to my old poorly oxycon (the machine I use to pump oxygen into my dual fuel torch), gradually starting to die :(

I spent a few weeks mostly pottering about the house and garden (when it dried up a bit), and had another play with silk paints. I do have one painting which I am happy to share with you. Here it is, below … It’s yet another Hen Cloud inspired painting (no surprises there !)


I also enjoyed some more time out and about in the Peak District with my better half … here are a few photo’s of where we walked :)


We wandered around Flash and walked to Three Shires Head … it was REALLY boggy and heavy going in places and I ached for days afterwards, lol … it was worth it though :)



Anyway … the other day, something rather amazing happened … I’d ordered a couple of parts for my oxycon to try and resurrect it, and out of the blue and from persons unknown, an completely new oxycon was delivered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea who bought it and sent it to me, I really don’t, but I was touched … I felt very much as though I didn’t deserve such a good deed too. I did have to sit and think about whether I could accept such a generous gift, but then to send it back might have seemed a bit peevish and ungrateful, so I unpacked it and decided to accept it in the spirit in which it was given. What this gift has done for me is to make me try even harder in my home/work/personal life, to give out as much good karma as I possibly can, and to work very hard with the business and make whoever sent it proud :)

So thank you … who ever you might be … you have saved me from possible business collapse, debt and (no doubt) depression … you are my guardian angel ! <3

Renewed with vigour, I started to make new beads, and I have to say that I have seriously enjoyed the past couple of days, now that I can make beads again. I have new enthusiasm and new ideas are starting to flood in, so it’s now onwards and upwards :)

I can’t make beads today (sad face) because I have to venture out to town in a bit.

I thought I’d just round up this lovely positive post with a few photos of what I have made since the new oxy arrived … so I hope you like the photos, and thanks for reading!

Have a great weekend everybody !


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