Autumn is fast approaching ….

I am the world’s worst at keeping up to date with blogs … but I am SO going to change all that !

Instead of just writing in here about general stuff and generally being (intermittently) chatty, I shall be using this home page blog as a shop news page too.

Anyway, before the shop talk, here’s the chatty bit ;)

Well ! What happened to summer ? I can’t believe that it only feels like 5 minutes since the kids broke up from school and now they have gone back ! I do hope that you have all had a lovely summer ? I know it’s not been the best of British summers this time around, but hey ….

Oh but we did just manage a short holiday ourselves, just after a VERY lovely and busy weekend spent selling at the IFG at Stourbridge (sorry .. forgot to take photos)

We went off to my Dad’s caravan in North Wales for a few days, and it was just bliss !

As the new school year begins, I can hear shouts of *WOOOPEEEEEE* across the land !

I ┬ácan’t believe that my youngest has now started high school! She is growing up so fast, but then that’s what kids do, isn’t it :) The one marvellous thing is that (after I spend some time chilling out), I will be able to dedicate MUCH more time to making beads and painting silk pictures, which is an exciting prospect to me. In 17 years of being tied to a school run, I have never managed to work full time hours, but this is about to change as my youngest two will travel independently to and from school.

There’s not really much else news-wise to tell. I guess I just do what everybody else does really and plod on from one day to the next just ‘being’ :)

So anyway … here endeth the gossipy catch up post .. keep your eyes peeled for the new listings post, to follow shortly :)

Have a lovely day folks … hope the sun shines on you too :)

Les xx

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