Ahh … The simple pleasures of learning something new :)

The other weekend, I went along to have a look around at the Artists and Designers Fair in Buxton (Derbyshire). Apart from wishing that I had a blank cheque and having a lovely time catching up with Katherine, who is a brilliant silk painting artist, here’s her website Designer Silk ,   I spotted something that really piqued my interest … a lovely welsh lady, selling weaving kits.

I just HAD to go and have a chat to her. After bemoaning my knitting and crochet skills for a minute or two, she then introduced me to stick weaving :) At first glance I thought that it just HAD to be complicated, and therefore out of my reach, but she quickly demonstrated how the weaving is done and that was that … I needed to buy a beginners set and some instructions. I am so glad I did, too !


My new weaving sticks … the blue tipped one is a threader for pulling the warp (?) threads through the holes in the sticks.

There is something really lovely about curling up on the sofa with sticks and a bag of yarn now that the nights are starting to draw in :)

I began with some basics that were illustrated in Pauline’s ‘How To’ giude and I was hooked (no pun intended!)


I started with just 3 sticks, and quickly moved up to 8 sticks and even tried to make a pattern too. I did, however get a bit lost after trying to step up and down with different colours, so I think a bit more learning is needed here.

Here’s the first (more complicated) thing I made ..

After trying this mini ‘rug’ I asked Rob to make me a peg loom, as I really, really want to make rugs now ! Peg looms are just a bigger version of the sticks really … I’ll post a blog about it once I get to have a go :)

Being a bead maker / jewellery maker at heart though, I quickly started to wonder how I could incorporate this new craft into my jewellery repertoire … I think I might be on to something … Pauline quickly showed me how to make spirals. She said she thought they’d make great Christmas decorations, but of course, the first thing I thought was BINGO … winter warmer necklaces ! Here’s my first go at making one … it’s still very much a work in progress, and I am also still pondering how I can add glass embellishments to it (of course!), but hey … this is where I am up to so far …

I am now trying to source the right findings for finishing it off, but just to try it out, I tried it on by just tying the unfinished ends together, and wow …. it felt so soft and comfortable … I loved it ! Now I just have to hope that other people might think the same, hehe.

I love making new stuff, anything really. I don’t make things to gain validation from other people or anything, but I do have to admit to a selfish buzz when somebody likes my work enough to buy it … so we shall see … winter warmers will be making an appearance in my Etsy shop sometime soon … just in time for the ‘C’ word … sshhhhh :P

Anyway … if anyone wants to try their hand at stick weaving, then here is a brilliant How To that I found in a lovely, crafty blog … Natural Suburbia :)

The lovely lady who introduced me to this craft was Pauline Preen. She doesn’t have a website, unfortunately, but she likes it that way ;)
She does, however recommend a website called Wood Cymru  , which sells all sorts of supplies n stuff … go check it out :)

Well I hope you found today’s post informative ? I do love to share things that I come across from time to time :)

I’m off to list a few bits and bobs like this on Etsy … bye for now x

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