Summer seems to be drawing to a close

Good afternoon … it’s been a while (yet again … sorry !), but I figured it was time to come back to say hello and update this front page with some of my latest work :)

Well it’s been a wonderful summer up here in bandit country ! We have had so much sunshine, the crops have blossomed and the sheep have gotten fat :)

I have had a fairly lazy summer, to be honest. I finally managed to sell off my old house in Stoke, so I decided to take a little time out after 14 years of city living and the usual stresses that accompany house selling, and moving, of course, lol

Our house is all finished and we are nicely settled in now. Thanks to our friend, we are about to start building my shed in the back garden, so that I can move my kit out there and not clutter the house up with all of my glass and jewellery making gear. I can’t wait to have room to breathe !!!

Here’s where I currently work …



And here’s where we are going to make my shed-io … not much to look at yet, I’m afraid ..


I had a lovely open day at the beginning of August. It was lovely to meet up with both old friends and new. Unfortunately, as I don’t have enough space to make beads yet, we didn’t really manage to play at the torch much, but that didn’t matter :)

I had a lovely (albeit too short) holiday in North Wales recently too … we had a few days in my Dad’s caravan near Llandudno, North Wales. We got to see some beautiful scenery and we even managed to grab a special moment, watching grey seals at Angel Bay … they just kept bobbing up and down, watching us, watching them … fab !

Here’s a photo that Rob took of one of them :)



Here are some of the sights we managed to see :)






I also managed (last minute), to grab a table at the 10th Annual bead fair at Stourbridge last weekend … although the fair was quiet, I was glad I’d made plenty of beads for the show, as the customers that did come were buying. My newest designs received some lovely comments too, which gave me a big boost, I can tell you, as I do always struggle with having faith in my work.

Well this pretty much sums my summer up really … I’ll round off this post with a few new bead photo’s and get back to listing another few beads on Etsy with a cuppa :)

I promise to be much better at keeping my blog page updated … honest ! You can always find my new Etsy listings by clicking the *shop on etsy* tab down the left hand side of this page :)

Thanks for taking the time to have a read … I shall catch up with you again very soon :)

Bye for now … ooo … the chimney sweep’s just arrived … bead photo’s later instead … sorry xx

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