Freedom and the odd bus crash …..

Woo what a day :)

The kids have had a lovely Christmas break this year, but boy am I glad they’re back at school today !

I woke at a ridiculous hour this morning … it must have been about 4.30 ish … it was WAY before 5, I know that much … anyway, 2 paracetomol and a strong coffee later had me feeling at least human, lol.
The thought that I’d soon be able to go into town with no kids in tow and enjoy a relaxing latte in Costa also helped ;)

By 20 past 6 I had finished cleaning and packaging beads, ready for the post office .. go me ! ;D

It was a fab, but cold morning today though … I got a real surprise to see snow when I opened the door this morning ! I do love the snow ;D ….. of course, the kids had to tell me off for doing skids down the pavement ;D ;D ;D Weeeeeeee

In town I treated myself to a decent scalpel (for more poly clay play) from the craft shop .. oh it’s the small things that keep me happy :P I browsed through so many books too, but nothing jumped out at me .. this tells me that I just need to stick to what I have going on now … and also saved me a heap of money I can’t really afford to spend, hehe :)

I was dying to get home and have a go with my new knife …. and guess what … the bl**dy bus decides to hit a car on a junction …. damn fool driver !!!! Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but blimey ! The scraping noise was just awful !
We were there for ages on that freezing bus, waiting to see if our details needed taking … but no, and we were on our way again.

Anyway … long and short of it … I finally have an appalling photo of my first clay experiments ;D
They really are nothing to write home about, but I managed to make a cane, which was fun, and I had a go at skinner blends too :D

It had gone dark when I took this picture, but I hoe it gives you a rough idea of where I am going with this …


For first attempts, I am really pleased with myself, but I need bigger blocks of fimo really, I only have those small 1/2 block sized packs of each colour at the moment … ho hum … all in good time eh :)

Well I’ll leave you with those first experiments, and also a video with a really nice song that I have just been watching on you tube … it’s a cool song called ‘Kings and Queens’, by 30 Seconds to Mars … and of course, it features some World of Warcraft, which I fully intend to be playing tomorrow night :)

Night night … sleep well xx

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