Well it’s heading towards my bedtime, it’s Sunday and I’m curled up on the sofa with my new (ish) lap top, so I figured it’s the perfect time for a blog update.

It’s been a funny kind of week. As usual, it began with plans and designs in my head, but (as usual), it didn’t quite pan out that way. I set out by stretching 3 boards of watercolour paper, fully intent on a good painting week …. brain said otherwise ! I have ruined some posh paper and have no paintings to show for my efforts. I decided on a change of tack.

Colour just wasn’t happening, so I decided to challenge myself to something I never normally do … black ink sketch … no colour … continuous line drawing, meaning the whole picture is made up of one single continuous line. It may twist and turn … double back on itself a lot, but it’s still just one continuous line. Anyway … the upside of this meant that I started having fun with drawing again … here are a few examples of what I was doing …


1891272_10152351046403973_580450603_n (1)



Apologies for the grey photo’s … they’re just mobile phone snaps. I found that doing this really challenged me to think about how a scene is ‘constructed’ by natural forces … some lines flow … some lines don’t, in stark contrast.

It’s definitely given me a new way of looking at a subject, and something new to pursue too :)


To save you from yet more ramble, here are a few photo’s of this weeks beady offerings …






For sale here … (clicky)



For sale here : (clicky)






FINALLY … To the enjoyable stuff ! We called in to see the opening of our friend’s exhibition at Buxton Museum … Oh what a treat for the soul ! Ingrid Karlsson Kemp creates the most beautiful and peaceful mixed media landscapes, incorporating beautiful lines of poetry or song lyrics. It’s obvious just how hard she must have worked to pull it all together, and it really does shine through. It’s a beautifully thought out collection of art. It has a real flow about it as you walk around the room .. just wonderful to see and enjoy :)


Here is one of my favourite works by Ingrid …



To see more of Ingrids beautiful work and find out when she might be running her mixed media workshops, you can find her website here … (CLICK) … or you can find her Face Book page here … (CLICK)

Well I hope you’ll take a look at Ingrid’s work … and I hope that you find as much pleasure from it as I do … thanks for bearing with my waffly post this evening … I thank you ! :)

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