Why does the shit ALWAYS hit the fan

hello again :)

I’m sorry I don’t have any cheery things to say tonight … trust it to all happen while I am to keep a blog eh …

I’ll be to the point .. it will save me getting wound up …

Yesterday my partner  got the sack :(

I have no idea how soon he’ll get another job .. it took forever to find this one

I have a mortgage to pay … debts to pay off … huge utility bills

kids to support

I only restarted my business 4 months ago when he found this job, and now he’s lost it …… I am gutted

My situation is this …. I either throw myself into this business and make it work … or I shelve the business again and live on benefits until he finds another job

Either way I feel like I’ll be shafted right now. The thought of giving up the business again ,makes me want to cry … but then so does the prospect of trying ot support us all and failing …

I am going to ( for now) at least give the business a go .. Thanks to the talking to I have had off many glassy friends …..  I think … well I am going to see what happens with sales

I can’t see a future today … I feel sick most of the time and I really don’t know when it’ll get better

So there you have it .. I promised myself that I’d use this month’s blog as a habit forming excercise, and I am going to .. no matter how high or low I feel … or how good or bad the news might be

He is seeing someone at the job centre on monday, I will hopefully have something to build on after that.


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