Some new listings today, and, of course … LAMBS !!!!

Well after a faltering and CHILLY start to today, the sun has finally shown it’s face … hurrah !!!

I’ve spent a lovely day mostly chilling out today (my bad), but then it’s Saturday, and the Easter Hollibobs, so it’s allowed.

We nipped into town in the sunshine … there was lots going on today, and town was positively jumping. Everything was on offer from hand made and painted chocolate Easter eggs, hand made glass and artisan food. There was a bit of a vintage┬ácar / bus / bike thing going on too, which was nice :)


Oh but the absolute best bit about today was watching a newborn lamb struggle onto his incredibly long and wobbly legs for the first time in his life … what a sight ! Proud Mum, with her two new babies … one white, and one a marbled grey … aren’t they just adorable !!!


Aww … how adorable :)

Anyway … back to work … I’m just about to start listing a few new beads for sale :)
Here’s a selection of what’s going up for sale.

Check out my ‘buy direct’ tab on the right hand menu to see what I have for sale.

I think the shopping cart works OK now …..

I think …..




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