I’ve even impressed myself today !!!

I slept REALLY badly last night .. only just managing about 3 hours of sleep … so waking this morning was far from a joyous occasion, lol.

I did, however, have a lovely morning catching up with my friend, Hannah .. I hadn’t seen her for what felt like AGES, so it was lovely to catch up :)


I bought a bead mag today too …. I’m not really what you’d call a trendsetter with my beads, but I like to stay up to date with that’s up and coming, just in case it’s something I actually like.

I also bought a notepad and pen too … this year is going to be a busy one for me … and if things go to plan, it will be a big year, work-wise too … so I thought it best to start keeping a running journal / scribbles book, to try and keep up with everything.


I also took a very brave step yesterday too … I won’t know until the end of January ( I think ), but I have registered an interest for a table at the Stourbridge bead fair this August. Last year’s exhibitors are usually given first refusal, but then the list is opened up to others, such as me … so please wish me luck !

And now to the reason I am impressed with myself today …. I’ve been making a few hearts just lately … yeh yeh .. I know … but a heart isn’t just for Valentines Day, is it !

But today I decided to make a funky set of little hearts …. I don’t own a heart press, so I figured I’d give it a go and see what they looked like when they’re done ……

They were all made one at a time … I had no other bead to gauge them by as I was making them …. and they are all ( pretty much ) the same size and proportion !!!!

I have never managed to make a set like this before … there are always odd sizes, so I usually sell them as ‘graduated’ sets of beads .. but nope, not these !!!!!!

I can’t wait to clean and dress them tomorrow .. they are rather cute … not all I need is for someone to agree and buy them !!!

Anyway .. enough rambling from me for this evening … I hope for a productive day at the torch tomorrow … I have a whole day of portraits on the books … eek !

Lets hope I get more sleep tonight than I did last night eh ….

Night Night

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