Taking it easy today …

Well kind of … I’ve spent the morning tearing my hair out, trying to take half decent bead photographs. The light is so dull that’s it’s almost impossible to get a decent image that doesn’t need photoshopping half to death.

So how’s it been going since I last posted ?
Slow – ish really. Steady, but slow. I think that when my partner first lost his job, I kind of panicked and threw myself into accepting every sniff of a commission, but then I started struggling to keep to deadlines, so I had to apologise to a few customers and slow down a little bit.
My biggest problem / fear is creative burnout. The pressure on me to be creative and productive when I am the sole earner in the family can be horrendous at times, but regardless of how I might be feeling, the bills still have to be paid, so I try and just plod on most of the time.

If it wasn’t for all of my wonderful customers though, my mortgage and other bills simply wouldn’t get paid, so I shouldn’t really complain. I feel privileged to be able to sell what I enjoy making so much :)

So other life stuff … I still have a bad shoulder. The physiotherapist thinks it’s tendonitis, and is giving me some exercises to do. It’s not much better yet, but I haven’t lost any more movement, so that has to be positive.
I just wish that when it hurts, it didn’t hurt quite so much.

My middley had his birthday at the weekend …. 13 already …. teenager number 2 to try to survive, LOL
He’s getting so grown up now … he went bowling with a friend instead of me taking him bowling .. I guess that at 13, bowling with Mum just isn’t the done thing anymore *sigh*
The whole family pooled his birthday money and he is now the owner of his very first console ! It’s so quiet here now, haha …. I wouldn’t normally allow him to spend hours at a stretch on it, but it’s new, and it’s half term, so I’ll let him have his fun for now :)

Anyway … that’s pretty much it from me for now… so I’ll round up today’s post with a few new bead pictures

If you got this far, reading … congratulations ! LOL

Enjoy the rest of your day :)
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