New life !!!!!

It’s been SO very long since I last blogged … so I am going to attempt to rectify this terrible habit of blog neglect :)

Well … I don’t really know where to start … life is a strange old thing, isn’t it … just when you are just about to give up on it, it throws you a lifeline !

My lifeline came back in May, in the form of Rob … it’s a very long story really … about 15 odd years long actually :)

Many years ago, I started a relationship with a wonderful, caring, thoughtful guy … but as with so many things in life that don’t work out, it just wasn’t our time I don’t think … he always was ‘the one’ for me, and over the years I have bumped through life, never quite settling with anyone, and making some pretty questionable relationship choices.

Anyway .. fast forward to 2011 and the fates decided it was finally time to smile on us and he came looking for me :)

So here I am …. I never for a minute figured that having such momentous but good things happen would be so tiring ( in a creative sense ), but it has been .. and still is really, but I am getting used to this whole new way of being, slowly but surely :) I still find it hard to focus though … I have so many thoughts, dreams and plans flying around in my tiny brain, still, but I am getting there and starting to feel more settled and grounded now :)

Now is the time to start to focus on building the business … there will be no more misery, stress, frustration, depression … and lots more happiness instead :)

I have so many new inspirations right now … they are slowly starting to formulate themselves into concrete plans and designs … Rob has enriched my life in so many ways .. but what is having the biggest influence on my work at the moment, are  the beautiful sites that he is showing me :)

I have always loved stone circles and BEAUTIFUL countryside, but have just never managed to get to see them … but now… finally, I can !
I don’t think I will ever stop being grateful to karma, and to Rob for enriching my life so much !

Anyway … I shall stop waffling on for now, and share just a few of the beautiful sights that I have seen just lately … I need to get to work after my coffee :)

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