This time next year Rodney …..

I WILL have a great garden !!!!

For almost a year and a half, to two years, I have had an embarrassing pile of rubbish built up in the garden … I can’t actually believe that it got into the state that it did … it was so bad, I never took a ‘before’ photo for this project !

Over the last few weeks, with Rob, we’ve been doing lots of runs to the local tip and this is what I now have …. I can see soil once again !!!!!! All I need to do now is bag up that nasty old lino and get rid of a few metal table legs ….

You won’t have seen just how bad it was before hand, so this photo will probably just look like a huge mess to you …. believe me .. this is an amazing change so far !!

Over the Autumn, I am going to start to clear, dig over and condition this patch of ground … by spring, I shall have a vegetable patch … I am determined to have one … After sampling Rob’s produce, I really think that I should be growing my own … they taste SO much better that supermarket veg …. and totally organic too !

So, for posterity, here is the (still a bit bad) before shot of my veggie corner …


To give you an idea of scale .. the shed is 7’x5′ …. this patch is about 8′ x 4′
Plenty of room for some yummy veggies !
I must try to remember to post a progress blog post from time to time :)
I despise city living, but I hope that having my own little patch to tend will make it feel a little nicer here :)
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, what ever you are up to … I won’t be gardening this weekend though, as I am off camping … yay !!!
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