I’ve been taking advantage of the lovely weather !

And this is what I have achieved today …. and with an achey back too !!!

Before …

After ….
NASTY old lino now hacked up and bagged, ready for the tip …nettle roots pulled up …
Some of the ground elder removed and one very satisfied gardener :)
I also took photos of some focal beads earlier … which have now disappeared into the laptop to god knows where … and yes, you guessed it … I deleted them from the card as I uploaded them … DOH !!!!!
But I don’t mind that so much …. both my kids have come home from school today and have informed me that they are in the top sets at school in pretty much all subjects !!!
I am especially proud of Sam … he’s in top sets for languages, maths, english, BTEC, and Sciences !!!!
*proud mum*
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