What is Lampwork?

Bead making is a highly valued art/skill throughout the entire world.

It’s roots go as far back as the Ancient Syrians and Egyptians. These ancient peoples first used oil lamps, heated with bellows, to melt the glass, to form their beads.

Handmade Lampwork beads are made on a metal rod called mandrels. Molten glass is wound on the rod and then designs with other colors are added to enhance the bead.

After the handmade Lampwork Glass beads are made, they are then put into a kiln to heat all parts evenly and then allowed to cool slowly to reduce the stress in the bead. This is called annealing and it is a necessary part of beadmaking.

After the beads are cooled they are  removed from the mandrel, their holes are cleaned of any bead release and they are then ready to be transformed into wonderful pieces of jewellery :)

Glass Rods :


Melting the glass with a torch :


Annealed beads go into a special kiln :


Jewellery is created ! :


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