I can almost smell spring !

Oh what a beautiful day its been today ! It was a fab day yesterday too …. that’s TWO whole days with no stormy downpour ! What a welcome relief it is too. I think that the birds can feel a change in the air too. They seem to be singing with much more heart at the moment. I saw a collared dove flying up to the tree with twigs in his beak too.

One other sight I find so welcome, is that of a flock of lapwings in the air above their nesting ground, just across from our house … what a joyful sight they are too ! They are true acrobats, swooping and diving. They appear to flicker when in flight, making it a wonderful, energetic sight ! Here’s hoping they have a really successful breeding season this year :) Well the same goes for all of Mother Nature’s creatures ! :)

Snowdrops have flowered and daffodils are growing well. I really do think that spring is just a short hare-hop around the corner now :)

I have a few new photo’s for you this evening … so without any further preamble, here they are :)






‘Merry’ the hare can be found for sale here : My Etsy Shop

And these two are now professionally framed in French Oak … My how posh they look !




I’m not sure quite what to do with them yet … Hmmm …

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C.DUIT !!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS ! I shall post your name on my facebook page too, and send you an email shortly :)

Thanks to all who entered … and also for your support and wonderful comments … you guys rock !!

Les x

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Here’s a little give away to thank you all for your support and encouragement !

Hiya … some of you may know that I was running a give away over on Facebook, but they pulled my offer as I must have broken one of their cardinal rules …. hey ho …. so I decided to run the give away over here on my website instead. My site needs some attention anyway, heh. I am the world’s worst at keeping my blog page up to date. This I really must try to change !!


Anyway … here’s the deal …. all you need to do is leave me a comment under the picture of the prize, and you will be entered into a prize draw. I shall draw a random winner on Friday evening at 9pm (GMT)

It’s that simple ! If you should feel like sharing my Bimble Art Facebook page with your friends, then I’d be really chuffed, but it’s by no means a must-do :)

My facebook art page can be found here : Bimble Art


And here is your give away prize :) It’s an original, signed watercolour on 300gsm cold pressed watercolour paper. It’s mounted in cream and measures 12×12 inches.



Good luck to all who enter … I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you all.
Oh and please bear with me if your comment doesn’t show straight away, as I have to approve all comments personally. So they will all be published in time.


Thanks for all your support …. Here’s hoping I get better and better !!

Catch you back on facebook :)

Les xx

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One last post for today …

Sorry guys … I’m almost done now, heh.

I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to alongside my beads. After a good 20 years of not drawing or painting, I have found a new energy for it. Granted, after a 20 year break, I am still a bit rusty, but I am really enjoying drawing. It was never my favourite back at college, but things have changed a LOT !

Anyway … I’ll keep this post short (as I am desperate for some dinner), but here’s a quick photo record of what I have been working on as of late …














I still have a very long way to go. As far as my ‘art’ goes, I don’t think I shall ever stop learning and improving myself … life is a journey, so they say :)

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Time for a beady catch up …

Well it’s been a hit and miss summer / early autumn for making beads. On going issues with the new work space added to the general exhaustion after a house sale / move and resettlement and pretty much wiped me out really.

I have been working on new stuff when I’ve had the energy for it though … here’s a few of my newer pieces. Some of which are currently on show in a local exhibition (woo … get me!!)

Badger beads


Mr. Frosty


Mr. Woo


Amber flower goddess


And something I don’t normally make …. CHINTZ !!!


Making and selling the badger beads has been very close to my heart. Some of you may know (and some may not, due to the blanket TV silence on the matter), that there is an awfully misguided badger cull going on, still, in Gloucestershire (The Somerset cull already ended in total fail and disaster) *supposedly* in order to eradicate bovine tb, and there are many wonderful protesters and activists out there every day and night in the cold, wet and frosty dark, getting bullied by marksmen, the police force (*cough* … allegedly) and the National Farmers Union. You only have to do a little bit of research to see that the cull is not rooted in sound science and that there really must be a better vaccination program for both cattle and badgers as a way of eradicating bovine TB (the clue is in the name)

I have made badger jewellery and donated it to fundraising auctions, and donate the proceeds from badger bead sales (when I can afford to do so) directly to activists on the ground.

Photos from an anti cull march in Derby … it was a great day and I was proud to have been there !



Keynote speaker Dominic Dyer


Anyway … political rant over with … I thought long and hard over whether to get political, but I don’t want people to think that I am just capitalising on the popularity of badgers … they need our help and I want to be able to help in my own small way x

I have some new ideas cooking away for winter beads, but until my workspace is usable (small issue with smoking flue), I shall have to stick to doodling instead.

Here are a couple more of my newer beads to be going on with :)



Thanks for having a read … I hope you like my new beads ? :)

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Well where did the summer go ?

Well the last few months have raced by so fast !

We are firmly into autumn now, and winter is just around the corner. We had our first snowfall the other night too ! It’s a pity it didn’t last through the night though, as it was all gone by morning. I think the kids thought they were in for a snow day, heh, but were sadly disappointed .. oh well …. Living as hight up as we do, I’m sure they’ll get the odd day off because of the snow at some point this winter.

Although it’s cold and breezy at this time of the year though, I think it’s probably the best time of the year for taking photographs of our stunning landscape … here’s a few photo’s taken on the sunnier days during late autumn … the low sunlight really brings the land to life !

Three Shires Head



View of the Roaches from Tittesworth Reservoir



The view at sunset from my front door



I do love this time of year … the kids are starting to look forward to Christmas (note I say it’s just the kids, lol) … Rob and I are looking forward to Yule. We are hoping to spend the Winter Solstice at Arbor Low this year. We only live a few miles away from there now, so feel it would be rude not to ! :) Arbor Low is a beautiful henge, second only to Stone Henge in historical significance too … how lucky are we !! The stones are all laid flat nowadays for some reason ( still being debated today), but it’s just as serent and beautiful as it would once have been. Here’s a few pictures of it below.

From the air …



How archaeologists think it once looked





As it looks today




It’s a beautiful, peaceful place … I do hope we have decent weather for the solstice sunrise this year … fingers crossed !

Anyway … I have other news to blog about, but as it’s a different subject, I thought I’d keep the posts separate. I’ll just round up with a few more photo’s taken recently around here.

Oh and there’s also a very blurry hare photo, but it was so wonderful to see one from my own living room window, I just had to snap and share. That was back in the summer though.

Blurry lucky hare photo


The beautiful view from the lane that runs along the back of our house


Looking over towards the Roaches, from the back this time


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Today’s offerings on Etsy

Here are a few images of the beads I’ve just listed for sale this morning. If you’d like a closer look, just go to the “Shop on Etsy” tab down the left hand menu :)








IMGP1437etsy IMGP1436etsy



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Oh and here are some beads :)

The chimney sweep has gone now,so it’s back to where I left off … here are a few pictures of my most recent beads :)











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Summer seems to be drawing to a close

Good afternoon … it’s been a while (yet again … sorry !), but I figured it was time to come back to say hello and update this front page with some of my latest work :)

Well it’s been a wonderful summer up here in bandit country ! We have had so much sunshine, the crops have blossomed and the sheep have gotten fat :)

I have had a fairly lazy summer, to be honest. I finally managed to sell off my old house in Stoke, so I decided to take a little time out after 14 years of city living and the usual stresses that accompany house selling, and moving, of course, lol

Our house is all finished and we are nicely settled in now. Thanks to our friend, we are about to start building my shed in the back garden, so that I can move my kit out there and not clutter the house up with all of my glass and jewellery making gear. I can’t wait to have room to breathe !!!

Here’s where I currently work …



And here’s where we are going to make my shed-io … not much to look at yet, I’m afraid ..


I had a lovely open day at the beginning of August. It was lovely to meet up with both old friends and new. Unfortunately, as I don’t have enough space to make beads yet, we didn’t really manage to play at the torch much, but that didn’t matter :)

I had a lovely (albeit too short) holiday in North Wales recently too … we had a few days in my Dad’s caravan near Llandudno, North Wales. We got to see some beautiful scenery and we even managed to grab a special moment, watching grey seals at Angel Bay … they just kept bobbing up and down, watching us, watching them … fab !

Here’s a photo that Rob took of one of them :)



Here are some of the sights we managed to see :)






I also managed (last minute), to grab a table at the 10th Annual bead fair at Stourbridge last weekend … although the fair was quiet, I was glad I’d made plenty of beads for the show, as the customers that did come were buying. My newest designs received some lovely comments too, which gave me a big boost, I can tell you, as I do always struggle with having faith in my work.

Well this pretty much sums my summer up really … I’ll round off this post with a few new bead photo’s and get back to listing another few beads on Etsy with a cuppa :)

I promise to be much better at keeping my blog page updated … honest ! You can always find my new Etsy listings by clicking the *shop on etsy* tab down the left hand side of this page :)

Thanks for taking the time to have a read … I shall catch up with you again very soon :)

Bye for now … ooo … the chimney sweep’s just arrived … bead photo’s later instead … sorry xx

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A BIG thank you to all of my face book friends :)

A short while ago, I promised I’d run a bit of a give away to celebrate my page reaching 750 *likers* …. I’m a week or so later than planned, but I have finally sorted one out :)


I have 3 ‘gossiping goddess’ bracelets up for grabs, and I shall make a cat bead in the colour of the winner’s choice :)

The bracelets will all fit an average size wrist, and can be altered a little by re-knotting the cord at the end :)




I can also make you your very own puss cat bead, in the colour of your choice and turn it into a simple necklace for you :)


All you need to do is leave me a comment under this blog post and you will be entered into the draw :)

I do have my blog comments set to admin approval, so don’t worry if you don’t see your post appear immediately.


I shall draw a winner on Friday evening at 9pm … good luck :)



See you soon and, once again, thank you for your valued support and custom. It’s what pays my bills :) xxx

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