I’m back !!!!!

Well I never really went away, but I have been quiet for quite some time. I started a part time job and found myself living between Stoke on Trent and The Peak District … add that to kids, schooling, housework, etc, well I’m afraid the beads had to take a back seat for a while.


All this has (thankfully), now changed … for the better …. I have moved to The Peak District !!!! *happy dance*


I shan’t waffle on much for now, but boy do I love it here … I have moved to an amazing, tiny village. The highest village in Britain, as it happens, and the views are just stunning !

I’ll post some photo’s so that you can see just what I mean :)

I do have a few new beads up for sale at the moment … you can find them here : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MadCatGlass  OR you can check out my Etsy page tab on here, to be taken directly to my listings


Thanks to all of you for bearing with me during this period of inconsistency … I am now back to being 100% self employed and fully intend to expand the business this coming summer, and this goes for developing my paintings too … thanks guys :) xxx


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I feel rather privileged today !

A short while ago, the lovely Helen White of UK Handmade contacted me to ask if I’d like to be featured in their online magazine’s ‘MEET’ section … I was utterly thrilled, and of course I said YES !!!!

I have never been featured before … I have also never quite felt comfortable enough with my work to be able to talk about it in ‘public’ like that, but times have changed …. I have been lampworking for a pretty long time now, so I figured that it was about flippin time I came out from under my cosy little rock … and today I did … the article has gone live, and I wanted to share it with you guys on here for posterity !

Here’s a link to the interview if you fancy a read ? Any comments you have are most welcome … just click the little speech bubble thingy at the top of this post to leave a comment :)

Linky …. My Interview

I have had a very slow start to my day today, for a multitude of reasons … I am off to make beads after this lunch time coffee .. at least I can torch until as late as I like to make up for it … hope you all have a lovely day today.

What ever you get up to, have fun :)

Oh and here’s some badgers !

Les xx

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You can contact me via email at : lesley92@gmail.com

or you can find my page over on face book here : www.facebook.com/madcatglassdesigns

to let me know what colours you’d like your chicken to be,  and your postal address, and I’ll get straight on to making him for you :)

Thank you to all for being so patient while this site was being hacked … you have all been so lovely to me … thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It’s so lovely to have my site back at last !


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I have over 600 facebook fans … wooo … thank you !!!!

Good morning :)

I’m sorry to be posting this draw a lot later than planned, but I now seem to be bunged up with a horrid cold, and am operating on a very low battery :/

Anyway …. here’s the deal … To celebrate reaching so many new people on facebook, I am holding a prize draw :D

The prize is one of my signature chicken necklaces, like this one, made in the colour of your choice :)

All you need to do is lave a comment under this photo to be included in the prize draw :)

I shall draw a random winner at 9pm on Friday November 9th, so there’s plenty of time to enter your name.

**Now … I have just installed a spam filter, so if anybody has a problem leaving a comment, just drop me a line over on facebook and I shall resolve any potential issues that may arise.**

So if you comment away and cross your fingers, an early Christmas present might be winging it’s way to you !

Thanks again to all of you who support my work over on facebook and everywhere else … I couldn’t do it without you guys :) BIG love !

Les xx


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Ahh … The simple pleasures of learning something new :)

The other weekend, I went along to have a look around at the Artists and Designers Fair in Buxton (Derbyshire). Apart from wishing that I had a blank cheque and having a lovely time catching up with Katherine, who is a brilliant silk painting artist, here’s her website Designer Silk ,   I spotted something that really piqued my interest … a lovely welsh lady, selling weaving kits.

I just HAD to go and have a chat to her. After bemoaning my knitting and crochet skills for a minute or two, she then introduced me to stick weaving :) At first glance I thought that it just HAD to be complicated, and therefore out of my reach, but she quickly demonstrated how the weaving is done and that was that … I needed to buy a beginners set and some instructions. I am so glad I did, too !


My new weaving sticks … the blue tipped one is a threader for pulling the warp (?) threads through the holes in the sticks.

There is something really lovely about curling up on the sofa with sticks and a bag of yarn now that the nights are starting to draw in :)

I began with some basics that were illustrated in Pauline’s ‘How To’ giude and I was hooked (no pun intended!)


I started with just 3 sticks, and quickly moved up to 8 sticks and even tried to make a pattern too. I did, however get a bit lost after trying to step up and down with different colours, so I think a bit more learning is needed here.

Here’s the first (more complicated) thing I made ..

After trying this mini ‘rug’ I asked Rob to make me a peg loom, as I really, really want to make rugs now ! Peg looms are just a bigger version of the sticks really … I’ll post a blog about it once I get to have a go :)

Being a bead maker / jewellery maker at heart though, I quickly started to wonder how I could incorporate this new craft into my jewellery repertoire … I think I might be on to something … Pauline quickly showed me how to make spirals. She said she thought they’d make great Christmas decorations, but of course, the first thing I thought was BINGO … winter warmer necklaces ! Here’s my first go at making one … it’s still very much a work in progress, and I am also still pondering how I can add glass embellishments to it (of course!), but hey … this is where I am up to so far …

I am now trying to source the right findings for finishing it off, but just to try it out, I tried it on by just tying the unfinished ends together, and wow …. it felt so soft and comfortable … I loved it ! Now I just have to hope that other people might think the same, hehe.

I love making new stuff, anything really. I don’t make things to gain validation from other people or anything, but I do have to admit to a selfish buzz when somebody likes my work enough to buy it … so we shall see … winter warmers will be making an appearance in my Etsy shop sometime soon … just in time for the ‘C’ word … sshhhhh :P

Anyway … if anyone wants to try their hand at stick weaving, then here is a brilliant How To that I found in a lovely, crafty blog … Natural Suburbia :)

The lovely lady who introduced me to this craft was Pauline Preen. She doesn’t have a website, unfortunately, but she likes it that way ;)
She does, however recommend a website called Wood Cymru  , which sells all sorts of supplies n stuff … go check it out :)

Well I hope you found today’s post informative ? I do love to share things that I come across from time to time :)

I’m off to list a few bits and bobs like this on Etsy … bye for now x

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Flame Off Fever Hits Again … and a few new Etsy listings too !

Good morning … oops … afternoon ! My! Today is flying by already and  have so much to get done !

I just wanted to share some exciting news (for glass artists and beady buyers) … FLAME OFF 2013 has been announced … YAAAYYYY !!!!!!

It’s April 5th/6th/7th at the Grand Prix Circuit in Silverstone !!!

I am deffo going to be there for the Friday and Saturday this time, and (fingers crossed) will also be selling my work there too .. how exciting ! There will also be glass art demo’s by many amazingly talented artists too … and they are free to watch !

Now all I need to do is figure out booking and sharing a table … how to get there … what to make … oh and where can I afford a hotel room ?? Not much then eh … =0D Best get a wriggle on then, hadn’t I ?!

Oh and I almost forgot … I have a few new Etsy listings up this morning … I have listed another couple of Fairy Houses, as they seem to keep selling first, and some other assorted pretties … here are a couple of them. You can click the picture to go to the listing on Etsy :)



Thanks for checking in and having a read :) I’m off to plant some snowdrop and grape hyacinth bulbs before the rain starts. Then I can chill on the sofa with my box of sparkles and start making a wedding present commission :)

Have a lovely day folks,

Les xx

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For Sale – 2 new sets on Etsy :)

Luna …


Turquoise Blossom

You can view these listings on Etsy by clicking the pictures, thank you for looking x

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I finally have a card reader again !

… which means it won’t take all day to upload and edit listing photographs :)

Here are a few new Etsy listings for this morning .. hope there’s something you like ? :)

You can now just click on the pictures to go straight to the listing … I’m getting good at this lark ;)



I’ll be back later when I have photographed and listed some more beads. Have a lovely morning,

Les x


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New listings are going up today :)

2012-09-06 08.05.18

Good afternoon folks Due to card reader problems, I am uploading bead photo’s painfully slowly today, but I don’t mind … I can relax a little too. Here are a few of what’s been listed on my Etsy page today. … Read the rest of this entry

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Autumn is fast approaching ….

I am the world’s worst at keeping up to date with blogs … but I am SO going to change all that !

Instead of just writing in here about general stuff and generally being (intermittently) chatty, I shall be using this home page blog as a shop news page too.

Anyway, before the shop talk, here’s the chatty bit ;)

Well ! What happened to summer ? I can’t believe that it only feels like 5 minutes since the kids broke up from school and now they have gone back ! I do hope that you have all had a lovely summer ? I know it’s not been the best of British summers this time around, but hey ….

Oh but we did just manage a short holiday ourselves, just after a VERY lovely and busy weekend spent selling at the IFG at Stourbridge (sorry .. forgot to take photos)

We went off to my Dad’s caravan in North Wales for a few days, and it was just bliss !

As the new school year begins, I can hear shouts of *WOOOPEEEEEE* across the land !

I  can’t believe that my youngest has now started high school! She is growing up so fast, but then that’s what kids do, isn’t it :) The one marvellous thing is that (after I spend some time chilling out), I will be able to dedicate MUCH more time to making beads and painting silk pictures, which is an exciting prospect to me. In 17 years of being tied to a school run, I have never managed to work full time hours, but this is about to change as my youngest two will travel independently to and from school.

There’s not really much else news-wise to tell. I guess I just do what everybody else does really and plod on from one day to the next just ‘being’ :)

So anyway … here endeth the gossipy catch up post .. keep your eyes peeled for the new listings post, to follow shortly :)

Have a lovely day folks … hope the sun shines on you too :)

Les xx

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